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Pearl's Guide to Learning Web Development in 2020

I get asked this question a lot by friends and people trying to get into Software development. Though it really has been a long time since I left college, I still feel super new to web development. partly because I have only been doing this for three years or so, and also because it is a constantly changing and growing field. I am constantly learning. So here are the top resources I will recommend to someone wanting to learn to code. Most of these are free resources. Please note these recommendations are all based on my personal experience and non of them are sponsored. 

1. W3Schools This is for the absolute beginner and gives you basic fundamentals on HMTL, CSS, Javascript and much more. This site also has a phone application which comes pretty handy for learning to code on the go. I really like the try it yourself feature because a big part of learning to code is practicing. It is absolutely free to use. 
2. Code academyThis is one I have personally used recently to learn ReactJS. It …
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STAYING ORGANISED BOTH AT WORK AND AT HOME ~ merging parenthood and work.

As working mums, competing priorities both at home and at work can sometimes feel like the narrative of our lives. Here are a few tips that will help you stay organise and get work done.
Writing Things Down:Get everything out of your head and put it down on paper. This will give a clear picture of what needs to be done.  
Schedule:Write activities and task in your diary so it gives a clear picture of what needs to be done.
Timelines:Put deadlines on task to avoid task rolling over. This will help you stay in check and enable you to get things done.
Delegate:Outsource wherever you can. This will enable you stay focus and put your energy and time where it is most required.
Work smart: Use your time wisely. 

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Meet Faradjine Laurore, Haitian Born Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

Interview with Millisen Malum

Today, I am happy to bring you our first Brit Interview, Millisen Malum. Millisen and I have been friends since we were teenagers and she is one of the most hardworking women I know. I couldn't wait to hear what it is like being a double minority out in the UK. And it all sounds so familiar. I am happy to share this with you. Please read on till the last paragraph for an exciting announcement. 

Millisen obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Applied Accounting from Anglia Ruskin University Chelmsford, her master’s in business systems Integration with SAP Technology from Brunel University. She is currently a part-qualified accountant with ACCA overlooking commercial systems. She resides in the UK with her husband and two beautiful kids.
What's an average day for you like?Every day is different for me, some more challenging than others, but usually, I start my day between 5 to 5:30 with meditation. I have a morning routine with my kids, after which I drop them off at nursery, the…

Meet Gabriela Castillo-Rivera a Student Majoring in Computer Science at Middle Tennessee State University

This week, we are happy to present our very first student Interview with Gabriela Castillo-Rivera. Gabriela was born in Puerto Rico, raised in Florida and is currently attending Middle Tennessee State University. Today Gabriela shares her experience as a student and gives great actionable tips on simple things you can do if you are considering majoring in computer science. Gabriela is full of dreams and goals and I am convinced she is on her way to making the world a better place. Find out how.

Tell us about your journey to becoming a CS major. 

 I never thought I would major in computer science. I always did really well in school but the only class I was scared of failing in middle school was computer science. At the time, it was more hardware-based, my teacher saw that I was struggling and he knew that I was doing well in other classes. So he let me write a 32 paged single-spaced story instead, which I did and swore off computer science for a while. Years later I was introduced to the…

Meet Ruth Beassem, Mom, Woman in Tech, and Woman Crush of the Week

Today's interview is with self made IT professional, Ruth Beassem. She holds a Master’s in Business and an undergrad degree in corporate communications and currently works as  DevOps Engineer. Ruth relates to us the steps she took to break into the tech industry, how she balances work and  running a home, and  how she stays focused through it all.
Tell us about your Journey to becoming an IT Professional. My journey to a career in STEM only really began after I got married and started having kids. I have a Master’s in Business and an undergrad degree in corporate communications. So as you can see, not STEM related. However, after I started a family, which was pretty early that is 21, my priorities changed. I was looking for the balance! My first priority was being a wife and mother but I still wanted and needed a high in demand, flexible and high paying job (I had school loans to pay off and diapers to buy!). This led me to pursue computer engineering. My husband was already in thi…

Guest Blog-post: Tips on Facilitating Your Return To Work After Maternity Leave

Millisen Z Malum is an IT Business Analysis Manager at Global Commercial Services (GSK). On April 1, 2019 she published this article on LinkedIn with tips on getting back to work after child birth. I found it really helpful and thought it wise to share it with you. Being a working mom usually means working round the clock. These tips will help!
Tips on Facilitating Your Return To Work After Maternity Leave ~Merging Parenthood and Work

Keep in Touch After having a baby, the longer you stay out of work the harder it becomes to return. Ask your employer/manager to let you do Keep in Touch days. Where you can either dial into your usual team meeting and catch up with your team. You can also opt to go in for a face to face and meet your team/manager to discuss on any changes that have taken place while you have been on leave. This will indicate that you are still very interested in your job and the organisation.

Meet Friends from Work
Make plans to meet your friends from work. They will give yo…