Game Changers in Technology

By pearl - February 04, 2014

I did a google search out of curiosity to see technology innovations by African Americans. I was intrigued. Have you heard about Mark Dean? He helped design the IBM personal computer and helped connect it to printing in 1981. Or have you heard about Lewis Latimer who received a patent for making light bulbs more long lasting in 1881? Or the double minority (:) ) Shirley Jackson  the physicist chairwoman of US Nuclear Regulatory Commision?

There is much more.. take a look at this link

Lets get you inspired :)

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  1. This really is inspiring! finally we get a blog that discusses issues we can relate to and learn from. Go Girl! looking forward to reading everything you write :)
    Great...Now I wanna be the next Patricia Bath!

  2. Yes you can!!! Please be sure to subscribe by putting your email in the box on the top left, so you get notified each time I post something. :) Thank you!!

  3. Loving this!! hope you keep up with updates!

  4. I certainly will. thank you for the support