It's not Magic it's Tech: How Wireless internet works.

By pearl - July 28, 2014

Have you ever wondered how you are able to connect to the internet without wires? you are able to send emails, chat, browse the internet without a physical connection. Well here is how it works. Two main things are involved.

1. The computer or portable device has a wireless adapter that transmit signals using an antenna (Yes your computer or smartphone most likely has one).  

2. There is a router that receives signals, that also has an antenna.  

Did you ever have one of those radio's that had an antenna? that you will tune it, and pull out the antenna, so it received a better signal? These signals are radio waves, which are the same ones your wireless device uses. Your device's wireless adapter translates data into radio signals and sends them to the router via the antenna. The router receives the data and decodes it..and sends it to internet, the same way a wired network does, via an Ethernet connection. That  is why the Comcast guys connected your router to the Ethernet port.. ha

If this is still not enough information for you, you can read a lot more here.

So yep. It's not witchcraft. It uses technology that has been around for ages.. :)
PS: I am not an expert in this area. If you are, you are welcome to contribute!

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