Tech girl was on bump Leave

By pearl - January 29, 2015

Today is the D day..D for dreaded!. I go back to work today after 4 months of maternity leave. I have the same exact feeling I had 2years ago, when I started working as an engineer. Only difference is I haven't picked out my outfit yet! haha. I am up 3 hours too early just like last time. It's only been 4 months but I feel like I am starting all over. Being thrown out in the wild and having to take baby steps all over again. But that really is not the hard part. The hardest part is going 11hours ( includes commute time and 1hr break) without seeing my little one.. I will let you know in my next rant if I didn't run out in tears in the middle of the stay tuned.

I took the #1 advise on going back to work after a long break, which is to go back mid week. This makes the transition easier since its a shorter first week. I am hoping this helps. I look forward to the weekend already..TGIT. Hopefully I find time to write about my first day experience this weekend. 

Naturally my blogging style will change some, since I am a mom now. But I will try to stay relevant to my subscribers. I Promise to try not to fill up my page with baby and forget technology.. 

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