Pearl is Back

By pearl - July 02, 2018

Happy New Year!!!.. Okay It's almost July and I haven't blogged in over a year.. It's been super busy juggling being a mom and working full time. It has taken me this long to find my bearings. But I'm here with a new look(hope you like it) which I am still sort of working on. But most importantly, I am changing things up a little bit. 

This year I am bringing new perspectives to my blog. I will be interviewing women in different career paths and different phases in their career. I will like everyone of my subscribers to find someone to relate to on my blog. Are you are stay a home mom, A pharmacist, an Doctor, Engineer, lawyer etc.. I will like to talk with you. Inspire you or have you inspire others who aspire to be like you. Stay tuned for my very first interview currently under construction. I will be interviewing someone who has inspired me from when I was a little girl. Hint hint; Charity begins at home. 

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