A tribute to Anjoh Mbamuku

By pearl - June 09, 2016

Dear Anjoh

We had all these plans. You were going to graduate college next year; you were absolutely going to go to grad school. And I did not tell you yet, but my plan was to encourage you to go into the auto Industry. I wanted you to one day be the first African American woman to design a car. I honestly believed you could do it. Anjoh this right here WAS NOT PART OF THE PLAN.You were not suppose to sleep and never wake up.. You died without any warnings... rien de tout.. 

I remember when we first started planning your career path. I remember wishing I had been like you when I started out. You were so determined and hardworking. You knew exactly what you wanted and were willing to do whatever it takes. You were never afraid to go after what you wanted and were passionate about everything you did.

I know it is  always sad to loose someone this young... but its so devastating for me because it is You! I knew your plans, your dreams, your potential. I knew you could do whatever you set your mind to. 

 You were brave even in death. I still get to think about you like my brave, strong little mentee, sister and friend. I still get to think about you like that brave hardworking young woman... Because you were strong till the very end..

I pray for your family.. I pray for Beryl and Roland...God, I feel so terrible, can't even imagine how they feel. But mostly I pray for you.  

I am so proud of you. I am your #1 fan. Adieu p'tit soeur..

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