4 Simple Reasons To Teach Kids to Code

By pearl - August 08, 2018

I know as a coder myself this might sound a little biased, but I really think everyone should learn how to code, or at least, the next generation of kids. No, I am not trying to turn everyone into the next Zuckerberg, I am a strong believer in people finding their paths and pursuing it. But in a world that is increasingly computerized and digitalized, teaching kids to code serves not only as a life skill, but a lens through which they can see and understand society. I will be writing a couple of blog posts on simple ways through which you can teach your kids (or younger sibling) to code even if you have no clue about coding. I decided to start out by outlining a few reasons why you should teach your kids to code.    

1.     Coding Builds Creativity
An essential part of creativity is asking questions. To code means learning to speak a new language whether Python, Javascript, Scratch or a host of others. Thus, when kids learn or are learning to code, they are thrown into a cycle of asking and finding answers to questions —they work with their imagination to build prototypes of what they have in mind. Coding, therefore, empowers kids to not only consume digital media and technology but to create it. They can create a video game, automate little task at home, or envision what their own website or app might look like—and through coding, they’ll have an outlet for expression.

 2Coding Instills Persistence
Learning to code, like any new discipline, is a challenge. Thus, tackling complex problems—and making mistakes along the way can be very frustrating. Coding teaches the valuable skill of persistence in the face of real-life challenges. Kids learn through repeated trial and error of different codes and programs that to achieve a goal they must be patient and relentless.

       3Coding Teaches Problem-Solving
When kids code, they take complex problems and break them down into smaller parts almost like a dismembered jigsaw puzzle, they fit the pieces in one at a time— figuring out which piece fits where. This instills logical and critical thinking. As Steve Jobs Co-founder of Apple Inc puts it "Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer because it teaches how to think" And by extension, it teaches how to problem-solve through critical computational thinking. Coding, though a language of computers laden with incomprehensive signs and commands, is very much applicable in the real-world and quotidian problem-solving. Thus, every parent (with available means) should consider teaching their kids to code; if not for the fun of it, then, for the benefit of it as a handy skill in this fast-paced digital world.  
     4Coding Enhances Communication Skills
Communication is an essential skill through school, work, and life in general. People who can clearly communicate complex ideas in simple terms tend to be more successful in life. When kids learn how to code, they learn how to communicate with the most simple-minded audience imaginable; computers. Unlike humans, computers cannot reason for themselves unless we teach them how, at this point, kids who code play the creator role—communicating a desired outcome to the computer for realization.

These are just 4 out of many reasons why you should teach your kids to code. I hope you are on board. Please subscribe for future posts on how to go about teaching your kids to code. 

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