Meet Faradjine Laurore, Haitian Born Entrepreneur and Humanitarian

By pearl - December 04, 2019

This week's Interview is with Haitian born Humanitarian Faradjine Laurore, co-founder of two organizations SowCoders and Chapperone. Faradjine moved to the US to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering from The City College of New York, and later a masters degree in Computer Science from New York Institute of Technology. She currently works as an IT consultant and leads a team of Developers and analysts at SiriusXM.With the holiday's approaching, please read on about her foundations and find out ways in which you can support girls in developing countries around the world.

Tell us about your Journey to Tech

Pursuing a career in Tech was actually a last-minute decision because I initially wanted to become a pediatrician. So I started out with a Bachelors' degree in Computer Engineering from CCNY after which I got my first job as a Programmer Analyst. As a young professional, I knew I wanted to further my career. There was so much more I wanted to learn so I went back to school and obtained my master's degree in Computer Science. Before graduating I got an opportunity to work at SiriusXM Radio as an IT consultant. I have since grown and currently lead a team of developers and analysts based in India.

I co-founded Society of Women Coders (Sowcoders), an organization that conducts free coding camps for girls in developing countries. Aside from my love for technology, I have always had the drive to impact other people's lives. SowCoders gives me the ability to combine philanthropy and tech. I am able to educate girls in my country about the importance of tech with hopes of someday closing the gender inequality gap around the world. I think education is important and should be accessible to everyone so I also Co-founded Chapperone a product that is changing the field trip experience for teachers, students, and parents.

What's an average day for you like

I wake up at 7:00 am and get myself ready for work, get my son ready for daycare. After I drop him off, I commute to the office to start my day at 9:30. At the office, my day varies depending on the issue to solve, it could go from attending a lot of meetings or spending time analyzing data and coming up with solutions. At 5:00 pm, if I don’t have a meeting for SowCoders or Chapperone, I try to head for a kickboxing class or go home early and enjoy Netflix while I wait for my family to get home. 6-30 to 8:30 pm is dedicated to my son and husband, we call it the “Lucas routine” meaning play, feed, bathe, read and kiss good night. At 8:30 pm, I would either catch up with the hubby or pick up/clean something around the house. From 9:00 pm till sometime midnight, I would take meetings or do some coding for the Web App. Weekends are devoted to family and friends and when needed I work on my projects but usually very early when nobody is awake yet.

Tell us about any challenges you have faced in your career and how you overcame it.

I think my biggest challenge surfaced when I became a mom. I had also just started my nonprofit in addition to my full-time job. It was very overwhelming to balance all three. A lot of times I missed out on opportunities to network which is crucial in the Entrepreneurial world. Eventually, I learned to manage my time better by coming up with a schedule that worked well for me and my family, even enabling me to add on a fourth project and yet not feel burned out. 

The first thing I did was block out time for  “ the Lucas routine”  then I learned to use my commute and lunchtime to do research and answer emails. But most importantly, I surrounded myself with people that share and support my passion. My co-founders do an amazing job of sharing the tasks with me and understanding when I have to be home. My partner is always there to take care of our son when I have to be at a meeting, travel to a camp or just giving me feedback on my dilemmas. I also find time to add at least one vacation trip to my calendar especially so I get to unwind and get some vitamin sea.😊

About SowCoders

Sowcoders is an organization founded in 2017 with the main goal of conducting free coding camps for girls in developing countries. Part of our mission is to change the existing norms and mindsets that limit women to non-technical career paths. We want to help them understand the importance of becoming financially independent and how a career in technology can empower them to do so and more. We also work on building long term relationships and creating a global network by providing to all the girls that completed our camps, the opportunity to continue their education, to engage in their community tech-related events and to be mentored by professionals in the STEM Fields. Our first on-ground camp was in Haiti in 2018 where 35 girls graduated and 7 are now pursuing a degree in Computer Science. In 2019, we had a burst of growth and conducted 2 virtual camps in Afghanistan and Kenya and 2 on-ground camps in Haiti and Belize. We are working to impact even more underprivileged girls in 2020 and definitely welcome anyone who believes in our mission to join our movement.

What inspired you to start your Organizations

I have always had the drive to impact other people's life aside from my own and I have done so by volunteering my time to soup kitchens, teaching kids, elderlies, painting houses, etc. However, throughout the years of my humanitarian experiences in the U.S., I had always felt that I needed to do more and also do something to help my country which desperately needs it. So I thought about how I left Haiti to pursue a career in tech without knowing anything about the field, not knowing how difficult it would be, how I would be the only girl in the classes so that’s when I decided that I would go back to Haiti to teach girls coding and also be their support system. Little did I know, that my idea combined with my co-founder, Kavya's idea would expand to other developing countries which makes sense since we are both from different parts of the world.

How can people help/contribute to your foundation?

We are always looking for help (seriously!). We welcome everyone from any background in NYC or Virtually. If you are a coder, you can lead one of our camps virtually or abroad. If you do not code, there are still plenty of ways to help, like helping us raise money through events, crowdfunding, or even just spreading the news about our organization. We also have our continuing education platform where we are building materials for students to study on their own, creating events in their own community. Click here to volunteer. You can also contribute financially by donating here.

What advice will you give to your younger self ( Dear Younger me)

Dear Younger Me, do not be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Accept the failures you experience on your journey. These mistakes will mold you into the woman you are meant to be. Continue to be the benevolent woman that you are and strive to be.

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